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The Virtual Team Karaoke Party - Team Building Activities

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45 - 60 min
Team Size:
10 - 100

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4 - 5

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Team Building
Team Building
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Employee Participation

About this activity

SOSParty brings you the Virtual Karaoke Party - ideas, games, and activities to host the ultimate fun and engaging remote team-building session.

500+ corporates have opted in for the Ultimate Virtual Karaoke Zoom Party, and their employees couldn't have been happier.

Here's what we have in store:

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Activity details

Activity type Time

Musical Welcome to the team celebration

- The event host opens up the event and makes sure that everyone feels comfortable
- We kick off with some friendly musical icebreaker activities to get all the participants in the zone!
5 Minutes

Sing On! - Virtual Team Creation

- The Krazy Karaoke Party begins with diving the participants randomly into different teams
- This happens via the breakout rooms feature on Zoom
- Participants get 5 mins to come up with a funky team name, and a team slogan for themselves
- To level up the excitement, we have a virtual scoreboard
10 Minutes

Round 1: Talking Tokyo, Looking London

- This is a super fun audio-video round
- As the name suggests, the audio and video are mismatched and the participants have to decode and sing the actual song
- Each song in this round has a flavor of Hip Hop music
- There'll be 4 rounds of this activity
Activity reference video
15 Minutes

Round 2: Complete Me!

- We leave you hanging in between. Complete the lyrics as the music continues. The team that gets the lyrics right wins this round
- Let the competition get tougher and the fun even higher
10 Minutes

Round 3: Sing the Headlines

- To make it super engaging for your employees, our emcee will make them sing the news headlines
- Let's test your creativity
10 Minutes

Karaoke Photobooth

- Pose in with your make-shift microphones e.g. Pen, Remote control, Water bottle, etc as we take a team picture before we bid you adieu
5 Minutes

Add on - Musical Jamboree: Live Concert

- Let's take the new bonds of friendship to another level with our virtual musical concert
- Live musical concert with Medleys
- Vibe up the evening with melodies that you can't miss
- A popular live musician will perform the concert for all your employees
- Request your favorite numbers and jam along
- The best way to end a party on a high note
15 Minutes

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    Virtual Emcee

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