What is SOS Party?

We are a tech enabled artist to gig matching platform. SOS creates standardized super fun parties and wellness experiences that make you happy and help you become a better human.

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Our Offerings

SOS works with clients in the corporate sector (SOS Booster), hospitality sector (SOS Party), restaurant industry (SOS Unwind) and B2C market. Some of our clients include Google, Amazon, Zoom, Government of India, Club Mahindra, Marriott, Motorola India, Cambridge University Press, Cisco, Autodesk.


SOS Booster

Employee engagement experiences that corporates actually love


SOS Celebrations

Guest engagement & entertainment experiences for resorts and hotels


SOS Unwind

Guest engagement & entertainment experiences restaurants

About SOS Tribe

SOS Tribe is the community of 5000+ super skilled artists from around the world who are trained to deliver phenomenal and highly engaged experiences during SOS Party.

Why people love SOS Party

We are the organization of super skilled artists from around the world to take care of your health and happiness. Here is some of our offerings .

Designed to make you feel happy

SOS Parties are scientifically designed to make sure that the attendees go back home happier than how they came in.

Led by worlds best artists

Our parties are led by the SOS Tribe - some of the best artists in the whole world.

Trained to deliver

SOS Tribe undergoes a professional training to make sure your events are the best

All categories under one roof

We have more than 20 different categories of artists.

Impact Reports

After every party, SOS delivers you an Impact metrics report to tell you how your attendees felt during the party.

Plug n Play modules

Ready to use ideas and activities curated by our party engineers.

How SOS Party is Impacting the world

Over the last 3 years SOS Party has been leading the live entertainment and wellness industry in World. Here’s a look at our impact.

team engagement



team engagement



team engagement


Plug n Play activites

team engagement



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