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Virtual Office Olympics for Remote teams

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It's the race for the gold! Get your distributed team together with this curated set of virtual activities, tasks, and games that get them to compete with each other.

Designed to make your employees test their communication skills, creativity, decision-making, and ability to perform under time, the activities in this theme bring out the best in y... read more

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Add on - The Olympics Opening Ceremony: Live Fire Show

- It's a grand celebration for the virtual Office Olympics
- We open the event with a torch lighting performance - a live-fire / LED show by a professional expert
Activity reference video
5 Minutes

Virtual Team Formation: Creating bonds

- We divide the participants into multiple different teams using the breakout room feature
- The participants interact with their team members, come up with a team captain, team name, and team slogan
- Let the competition being
Activity reference video
7 Minutes

Wear your Bandana

- As all the teams gather back in the main Olympics arena, we get them in the competitive spirit by announcing their team slogans and captains
5 Minutes

Game 1: The Photo Jeopardy

- Adapted from the US tv show - The Jeopardy, we bring you our very own The Photo Jeopardy
- Raging from 100 to 500 points, this game show comes with different sets and levels of difficulty
- Behind each tile are super zoomed images of objects of daily usage, and the teams have to guess the actual object
- Earn as many points as possible in the 3 rounds of this activity
- Does your team has what it takes to conquer the scoreboard?
Activity reference video
10 Minutes

Game 2: Virtual Imitation Game

- The emcee gives each team an exciting communication/acting challenge that they have to complete to win the points
- The captain of the team nominates a team member to perform a charades relay, and all the rest of the team members have to guess
- Each team gets 90 seconds to act and guess the maximum number of phrases/objects
- The more the correct answers, the higher you go on the leader board
10 Minutes

Points tally and Leaderboard announcement

- Let's have a look at the final leaderboard and where do all the participating teams stand
- The winning team gets the special recognition for their achievement
5 Minutes

Game 3: Mad About Dance

- Breakout room special
- This activity tests your team's leading, synchronization, decision making, and collaboration skills
- A random song in a Korean/Japanese language plays for each team, and all the members have to prepare a sequence of dance movements on it
- Each team gets 1 min to perform
10 Minutes

Alternative Game: Virtual Engineering Challenge

- This challenge involves the participating teams to solve real-world engineering problems
- They will be using old newspapers to create certain easy yet challenging objects within a time specified limit
- Let's see who wins
Activity reference video
15 Minutes

Declaring the Winners of Olympics

5 Minutes

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  • Live Show Host / Emcee
    Live Show Host / Emcee

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